how to remove dark circles permanently

get ride of dark circles

dark circles under our eyes make our whole face look old and tired not everyone suffers from this problem but when the circles appear they can greatly affect someones life esteem.

there are a few factors that cause these dark circles and puffiness such as fatigue, insomnia,stress,genetic,allergy, side effect of some medicines if you dint get ride of the swelling in time it can only be taken care of through surgery.

so the best thing to do is try a few remedies that may prevent it from worsening there are some great natural home recipes that you can use to treat and prevent these kind of problems


1 sweet potatoes

the star found in potatoes has clarifying properties this vegetable has a high concentration of water and can hydrate your skin and fight inflammation. cat a sweet potato into slices and leave them in the refrigerator for ten minutes .next take two slices and put them so that they cover your eyelids and the under your eyes .and let them sit their for 15 minutes

2 cucumber

it has powerful anti inflammatory properties and can produce surprising result when put on your eyes. all you have to do is cut some cucumber slices and place them over your closed eyes until they turn trade them out for some fresh cool slices do those for about 20 minutes and you will see visible improvements

3 green tea

green tea can prevent liquid retention eliminate the toxins found in our bodies and prevent inflammation what happen is that the area under our eyes store fats and fluids causing inflammation that turn into dark circles .so we recommend that you drink two cups of green tea a day one in the morning and the other at night

4 apple

put an apple in the refrigerator and when it gets cold peel it and cut it up into a blender blend it with a tablespoon of oatmeal until it forms a thick paste cover your face with this paste and let it sit for 15 minutes .
next rinse off your face with cold water apples have the ability to relax your muscles .

so this mask will help you relax your tired tense face after a long day any one of these recipes is great at making your face look more alive and awake.

however you must take some precaution such as sleeping well and long enough fatigue is considered to be the main cause of this problem.

avoid anything that promote liquid retention such as too much salt and a sedentary lifestyle (as well as smoking and drinking ) drink tons of water at least two liters a day a well hydrated body can easily eliminate toxins improve your health

and avoid liquid retention consume diuretic such as green tea, parsley,cucumber,squash,etc.protect your face from sun avoid using chemical beauty products around your eyes.

especially the ones that you dint know where they came from avoid rubbing your eyes constantly since that irritates and damages your eyes .

if you want to get rid of dark circles fast.

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