home remedies to remove dark circles under eyes

watch the video below and apply what you learn you can easily get ride of dark circles

avoid this habits to get ride of dark circles

dark circles under the eyes are common in both man and women and sometimes in children too. having dark circles under the eyes may simply be a genetic condition with people from an Asian or African background.

here are some common habits that cause under eye dark circles

1 luck of sleep

luck of sleep result in slower circulation of blood which in turn causes dark circles under your eyes. this is one of the most common factors for not just dark circles but various other skin related problems.

2 sleeping on your stomach

sleeping on your stomach can cause fluid retention under your eyes.thereby leading to unsightly and prominent dark circles so to avoid that try sleeping on your left side to promote blood circulation and prevent problems such as dark circles and puffy eyes.

3 dehydration

several studies have found that there is a link between dehydration and dark circles.dehydration in known to make dark circles more obvious and also make more the skin around the eyes appear dry and rough.

4 washing with hot water

as you may already know that the skin around your eyes is highly sensitive and thin washing it with hot water can lead to pigmentation.

this is another common habit that can have a negative impact on the skin under your eyes.thereby leading to stubborn dark circles.

5 not removing eye makeup

this is another common everyday habit that may be contributing to your under eye concern not removing eye makeup properly before going to bed can cause darkening of the skin under your eyes

6  rubbing your eyes too much

it can damage the skin under your eyes and cause discoloration since the delicate skin under your eyes in prone to damage rubbing it can cause inflammatory reaction and lead to skin darkening

7  abrasive makeup removal

remove eye makeup in a rigorous manner may be causing damage to the skin under your eyes leading to discoloration always remove makeup in a gentle manner to prevent any damage

8 exposure to sunlight

exposure to direct sunlight can adversely affect the state of your delicate under eye skin.it can cause skin discoloration and premature signs of ageing to appear.

to prevent that from happening dab sunscreen under your eyes to make sure that it is well protected from the sun 

these are the most common habits that cause dark circles under your eyes.